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Weddings & Honeymoons

WeddingsWhether you've always dreamed of a faraway wedding in a crumbling Irish castle, a small adobe church in New Mexico, or a balmy beach in the Caribbean, making your fantasy destination wedding a reality isn't as difficult -- or as expensive -- as you might think.

Your Budget
First of all, there is a destination wedding for nearly every price range. And because some of your wedding costs, like your dress, your rings, and your honeymoon, are relatively static no matter where you wed, it's best to concentrate your budget energy on the more obvious variables like travel, accommodations, dining, and ceremony and reception sites.

As you are getting married at a resort, hotel or castle we can coordinate the details. Many hotels and resorts have on-site wedding coordinators and customizable wedding packages, so your event can be perfectly planned while you're literally worlds away.

As you will getting married in another province or country, you will need a local marriage license, and possibly a passport. The passport is simple; just be sure to apply well in advance of your wedding date. Getting the marriage license can be slightly trickier, especially in a foreign country. We can advise the requirements for the country of your choice. Some places require blood tests, immunization certificates, or doctor's certificates in order for you to legally marry. No matter where you are getting married, it is best to find out as much as possible in advance. There may be unexpected requirements, such as an established residency, a waiting period, or a certain number of witnesses.

For more information about the specifics of getting married in different countries contact your Travelteam agent.

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