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European Cruises:
Mediterranean & The Baltic

Imagine visiting country after country...and unpacking only once. Dozens of ports, each with its own unique history, culture and attractions, will welcome you during your cruise.

Mediterranean Cruises
Including Florence, Rome, Venice, Santorini, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Lisbon, Casablanca.

Map of EuropeItaly has inspired the imaginations of masters...Michelangelo, Leonardo de Vinci, Raphael and the sidewalk artists of Rome's Spanish Steps. Visit the rocky shores of Santorini (the remains of the lost continent of Atlantis?). Gaudi's architecture will leave you speechless in Barcelona, while the street performers on Las Ramblas will keep you smiling. Gamble in Monte Carlo, soak in the sun on the sandy beaches of Cannes and sail through the Straight of Gibraltar to Lisbon and Casablanca.

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Europe/Baltic Cruises
Including St. Petersburg, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, London, Amsterdam.

The opulence of St. Petersburg is complemented by the richness of the art collection at the Hermitage. The Scandinavian capitals of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki are thoroughly modern cities with shops, colorful waterfront markets and fascinating museums. The Norwegian coastline is filigreed with fjords. Some, like the Geirangerfjord, rise to dizzying heights. For a storybook adventure, Copenhagen is the place. Everywhere fairly tales unfold, from the pleasures of Tivoli to the Little Mermaid. Tallinn's medieval town centre will charm you. London just plain has everything! Amsterdam is not just about its red light district, it also features art, culture and fine dining.

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