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Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island
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  • Our Island Getaways Even Include A Sea Cruise
    Even before you arrive on the Islands, you’ll feel their effect. On the ferry over, you’ll start smiling more, breathing easier. Maybe even staring in wonder as orcas surface from the deep. By the time you arrive on Vancouver Island or any of our Gulf Islands, you’ll be relaxed and ready to kick back and enjoy your summer escape.

    Walk On The Beach
    One of the best things you can do on the Islands is nothing at all. Stroll the beach. Collect everything from seashells to works of art by local artisans.

    Play In The Ocean
    Naturally in the summer, water activity is at an all-time high. Charter a boat. Rent a kayak. Surf. Or scuba dive and find shipwrecks, wolf eels, octopus, six-gill sharks, soft coral, and sponges.

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