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British Columbia Vacations
Vancouver, Coast & Mountains

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains
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  • Where Else Can You Be Close To Everything,
    Yet Feel You've Left It All Behind
    Nature’s skyscrapers lie just beyond Man’s. Groomed parks give way to lush wilderness. And city sidewalks become sandy beaches, beckoning you to partake in a barefoot stroll. Even in the heart of the city, nature is around the corner.

    Close To The Sunshine Coast
    A 40-minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver takes you to a place where peace and quiet reign. Picturesque fishing villages and local artist communities dot the Sunshine Coast. Dive, sail, or just explore places that are as intriguing as their names. Halfmoon Bay. Chatterbox Falls. Porpoise Bay Provincial Park. Smugglers Cove Marine Park.

    Sea To Sky
    30 minutes from Vancouver is the Sea to Sky Highway 99, one of the world’s most scenic drives. Take it from West Vancouver to Squamish, Canada’s windsurfing capital. Or beyond to Whistler, voted the number one ski resort in North America.
    Golf in Whistler and along the Sea to Sky Highway.

    The Mighty Fraser
    Near Vancouver lie the lands carved by the Fraser River. From the vast delta with its beaches, mudflats, and wetlands to the canyons of the Coast Mountains. Take the Hell’s Gate Airtram over the powerful Fraser River.

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