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Yellowstone & Tetons


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Level 1 to Level 3

Jackson, WY

Mountain Bike, Kayak, Geological Wonders, Natural Beauty &/or Wildlife

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Bike, Walk and Kayak in Wyoming Wilderness
For unparalleled beauty and wildneress, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks shine in scenic splendor. As two of the country’s most well-known parklands, these glorious examples of Wyoming’s varied and rugged wilderness never fail to inspire even the most well traveled. With its steaming fumaroles, thundering geysers and bubbling pools, Yellowstone is a geological treasure. And rising in great jagged waves, the Tetons display nothing less than staggering grandeur amid a landscape of alpine lakes, soaring peaks and valleys teeming with wildlife. Come along with Backroads to an extraordinary setting that invites exploration by bike, foot and kayak

Day 1 Yellowstone National Park Meet in Jackson • Enjoy an easygoing ride in the heart of Yellowstone National Park • Hop off your bike to see the bubbling Fountain Paint Pots and Old Faithful up close.

Days 2-3 Yellowstone Lake On foot, hike through the magnificent Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, where waterfalls thunder over pastel-colored cliffs • Our route takes us through open meadows and stands of lodgepole pine, and then along trails that offer dramatic views of the canyon depths below • Take to the waters of Yellowstone Lake on a leisurely kayaking excursion, learning about the region's history and geology from our local guides.

Days 4-6 Grand Teton National Park Shuttle to Grand Teton National Park • Hike through conifer forests and aspen groves near the shores of Emma Matilda Lake or go for a scenic boat cruise on Colter Bay • Bike through pristine wilderness with views of the entire Teton Range • Traffic up ahead: watch for roaming bison! • Overnight in comfortable tent cabins in view of the jagged Teton peaks • Pedal along the spine of the Tetons, then enjoy a beautiful bike ride to Jenny Lake • A boat tour gives you different perspective on this breathtaking landscape.

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